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Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Cupcake : The culinary trend of summer 2009

Have you joined the cupcake craze yet? I mean what is there not to like about them ? They are cute, extremely adaptable and so tasty. The magical world of the cupcake has created such a great buzz. As a professional singer I attend birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and charity balls on a regular basis. It appears that at every occasion the cupcake is most favoured culinary trend. It proves to be the fashion, the vogue of the moment and the ‘la piece de resistance’ of the party. All sizes, shapes, colours, and decorative treats create the perfect accessories for each event. Some quirky and fun, some colourful and creative, some pretty and intricate, some chic and modern. Every type has been covered.

If you are organizing a charity event, a family fun day, a summer fete, a birthday party, a dinner party, a seasonal party, a wedding or just entertaining a few friends do not forget to join the craze and find your passion for the ever growing cupcake industry.

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