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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cupcake Wedding Favors

Individual gift boxed cupcakes make perfect gifts for each of your guests. They also make perfect table decorations.

cupcakes for  wedding favors

cupcake wedding favor

cupcake wedding favor

So whether you want a full tier, singular cupcakes for your bridesmaids, or token gifts placed on your tables; we will create the package to suit.

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Aniversary Cupcakes

aniversary cupcakes and cake on a tier

With an aniversary coming up you could buy a special cupcake for the special couple as a little gift or you could provide a whole party with a aniversary cupcake tier.

If you are organising a party for the day we could supply you the perfect anniversary cupcakes for all of your guests.

We will be happy to personalise each cupcake to the perfect couple who will be celebrating their anniversary or we could tailor them to the tradition that the year of the anniversary holds.

The cupcakes in the photograph above are perfect for a diamond wedding aniversary with the edible diamonds. We can tailor to any Special Anniversaries.

Previously we have catered to Bronze , Silk , Lace , Ivory, Ruby , Diamond , Paper , Sapphires , Gold , Crystal , China , Silver , Peals , Emeralds and Coral

Please contact Cupcake Cutie to discuss your perfect package.


Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake Wrappers are the very latest cupcake accessory.

We offer an array of cupcake wrappers in order to customise your cupcakes to suit your theme.

Please view a few that we have used previously. If these do not match your theme please contact us with your plans and we will find you a perfect cupcake wrapper to suit.

cupcake wrapper polka dot cupcake wrapper daisy

cupcake wrapper hearts cupcake wrapper pink

cupcake wrapper heart cupcake wrapper

cupcake wrapper red and black bright cupcake wrappers

pastel cupcake wrapperspolka dot cupcake wrappers

Cupcake Cutie Selection Boxes

cupcake selection boxes at cupcake cuties

With a Wonderland of choice, how could you choose which cupcake would be most perfect for you. This is why we at cupcake cutie offer an array of assorted decorative trets within our range of selections. Here we will provide a group package to your desired quantity. With your choice of toppings. Please view our selection packages, if you have any request not shown here please contact us and we will be happy to create your desired cupcake selection.

Pretty in Pink Cupcake Selection

Decorated Delights Cupcake Selection

Chocoholic's Dream Cupcake Selection

Perfect Party Cupcakes

party cupcakes at cupcake cutie

No party is complete with out a selection of themed cupcakes. We are passionate about parties and would love you to share your party with us and allow us to create the perfect cupcake to match your party.

Whether it is a special birthday, a childrens party, a sophisticated corporate event, your weekly dinner party or a friends hen party we will have the cupcake for you: Please view our perfect party cupcakes catergories,

Children's Party Cupcakes

Birthday Party Cupcakes

Dinner Party Cupcakes

Black tie events and Corporate Cupcakes

Picnic and Garden Party Cupcakes

Theme night Party Cupcakes

Hen Party Cupcakes