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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Aniversary Cupcakes

aniversary cupcakes and cake on a tier

With an aniversary coming up you could buy a special cupcake for the special couple as a little gift or you could provide a whole party with a aniversary cupcake tier.

If you are organising a party for the day we could supply you the perfect anniversary cupcakes for all of your guests.

We will be happy to personalise each cupcake to the perfect couple who will be celebrating their anniversary or we could tailor them to the tradition that the year of the anniversary holds.

The cupcakes in the photograph above are perfect for a diamond wedding aniversary with the edible diamonds. We can tailor to any Special Anniversaries.

Previously we have catered to Bronze , Silk , Lace , Ivory, Ruby , Diamond , Paper , Sapphires , Gold , Crystal , China , Silver , Peals , Emeralds and Coral

Please contact Cupcake Cutie to discuss your perfect package.


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