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Friday, 4 September 2009

Corporate Event Cupcakes

We at Cupcake Cuties have been tailoring cupcakes for Corporate Events due to the increasing popularity of the chic yet charsmatic cupcakes.

We are calling all large businesses , event planners and party organisers!!

If you are planning a christmas party, charity event, awards evening, summer ball or any other corporate events then Cupcake Cutie is available to provide bespoke cakes for your guests.

If you are planning a big corporate event that you hope will be remembered, then Cupcake Cutie can help provide the perfect table decorations or token gift for your guests.

By incorporating cupcakes into your event you will show how you yourself and the company in question are on the forefront of culinary interest and modern trend.

The cupcake tiers are not only convenient for guests to eat, but they look beautiful, can be wonderfully creative and are also great value for money.

Cupcake Cutie’s are available to create bespoke cupcakes for your desired company, charity or event. Our corporate cupcakes look visually appealing but are also beautifully tasty.

Our cupcakes for corporate events are always designed with ultimate sophistication and class. No hundreds and thousands in sight. Just purely delicately detailed decorations to match the events beautifully planned d├ęcor, themes and colours.

To enquire about our corporate cupcakes please call us on 07960749851 or email us at

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