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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cupcake Bouquets

Awwww, look at these cupcake bouquets. Im thinking they would be lovely on wedding tables. Very pretty and multi purpose - look great - then taste great.

Something different from the cupcake tier and very different from the traditional wedding cake. It can be admired from every table.

Cupcake bouquets can be tailored for your wedding theme, or each can be different to differenciate between each table - rather than numbering them. Ie The daisy table , the rose table , the pretty in pink table , the cherry table. The childrens table could include sprinkles , jellies and sweeties that they will love!!

Lets not forget these Cupcake Bouquets can be a birthday gift, or even a just to say im sorry gift - a yummy gift too!!

Cupcake Bouquets start at £20


1 comment:

  1. those are really cute...I will show this to my sister who is going to be married next year in Harpenden sure she will love those. got your number =)